Cat Anger: An Overview

Developer Play’n GO was either hit by creative lightning, or they hurriedly made a weird slot to meet their deadline. Feline Fury, featuring the world’s second-most popular pet, cats, is an odd film. However, these aren’t housecats, and they aren’t displayed in a cutesy style like you see in a lot of slot machines. Among the cats you’ll discover here are those with mystical and pirate backgrounds. To really appreciate Feline Fury, you’ll have to let go of reality for a moment.

We’re going back in time to the Middle Ages and dealing with a slew of cats. Just don’t bother figuring out why. On a gloomy day with dark clouds in the sky, the 5-reel, 20-payline gaming area is situated in front of a fortified castle. This desolate place might be making the cats angrier than usual. An ancient, high-ceilinged castle full of drafty chambers would be difficult to heat, yet cats prefer warm environments. Weird as that may seem, let’s accept it for the time being.

Bets range from 20 percent to $100 or €100 every spin, so players can get in on the action from any device. Statistics from the mathematical model are reassuring because they are mostly the same as those seen in Play’n GO. That’s hardly a terrible thing, considering the studio’s track record of solid statistics like a standard RTP of 96.2%. However, the medium setting has been rated officially at 6/10, so the volatility is lower than you would normally expect. You’d think with these cats being so enraged, volatility would be through the roof, yet the game is full of surprises. The total potential is another reliable Play’n GO sum, and the victory rate is boosted by several aspects.

You’ll either be incredulous or amused by the sheer absurdity of the symbolism at play here. Maybe not the four-card-suit low payments, but certainly the Mystic Cat, Captain Cat, Cat Merchant, and Cat-at-Arms high pays. All of them, in fairness, appear to be somewhat irritated by something. Five of a kind will get you anywhere from a 2.5x to 10x stake bonus.

During bonus rounds, any of the kitty icons may become a wild, and in addition to that, the Crown wild appears at random. It’s worth as much as the highest premium and may be used in place of any icon other than the Golden Grail Scatter.

Feline Rage: The Specifics

There are three supplementary features in Feline Fury: Feline Wilds, Fury Reels, and Free Spins. Feline Wild is an optional bonus that can occur at any time throughout the main game. Here, 1–4 different kinds of cat symbols become wild, either by replacing other symbols or by paying out at a higher rate than usual.

There is a possibility that up to five Fury Reels will activate if the Feline Wilds feature is activated. When a Feline Wild lands on a Fury Reel, it will grow until the entire reel is covered in wild symbols. If a second Feline Wild appears on the Fury Reel, the multiplier is increased by a factor of two. If a Fury Reel lands a third Feline Wild, the multiplier will increase to x3. Multipliers that appear on more than one winning line are added together.

The highlight is a bonus game with unlimited spins. To win 5 free games, you must land the Holy Grail scatter on reels 1, 3, and 5. The objective of this extra game is to amass a wardrobe of suits. When 12 of one kind appear, the matching cat icon becomes a Feline Wild for the remainder of the feature. Spades for the Cat-at-Arms, Hearts for the Merchant, Diamonds for the Mystic Cat, and Clubs for the Caption Cat. Fury Reels are playable after a single Feline Wild has been activated, bringing its associated multipliers into play. Free games accrue more scatters for each spin in which they appear.

Cat Rage: The Verdict

Where to even start? To get the most out of Feline Fury, you have to accept the game for what it is—a peculiar experience. It’s like watching YouTube for hours on end and suddenly finding yourself in an unfamiliar place with no memory of how you got there. However, sometimes the best treasures are buried where you least expect to find them. However, there may be a core group of gamers that are really smitten with Feline Fury. Some people will have a hard time with the degree of unrealistic elements in Feline Fury and wish that it had been toned down during the conceptualization phase.

The question then becomes whether or not Play’n GO has hit rock bottom with this subject, with cats performing human roles in a medieval environment. The sheer number of these guys is common knowledge. Did they reach a point of stagnation when they had to dig through discarded ideas until they found anything to get out the door?

However, every once in a while, you do require such occurrences. The reverse is true: a dash of oddness is always welcome. Yet even the most receptive person could find cats dressed as medieval knights a bit much. The game’s 5,000x stake potential might ease any reservations, while similar payouts are available in many other Play’n GO titles.

Even if Feline Fury is completely insane, the gameplay isn’t terrible owing to some decent features and promise. The most extreme of readers could be uninterested in the notion, but those seeking a little insanity or genius might be intrigued.

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