Slot Overview: Fortune Pike Gold

Your proverbial pick and shovel could still be hot from the last mining slot, if you’re anything like us. Foxium, a Games Global partner, has released Fortune Pike Gold for those who can’t get enough time spent pretending to be underground. Fortune Pike Gold, like other underground mining slots you may have played, has a hold ‘n win round. This one is a little different, though; to increase your chances of winning, merge neighboring Dynamite symbols to form bigger formations. Free spins and a pair of random modifiers thrown onto the board by a nice guy named Lucky Dinky round out the features.

The search for Fortune Pike Gold takes us to the depths of the earth. According to a BBC Future story, the German Continental Deep Drilling Program drilled 9 kilometers below in Bavaria, making it one of the deepest holes ever dug by humans. Dutch artist Lotte Geevan dropped a microphone into the hole and picked up an inexplicable rumbling sound that made her ‘feel very little; it was the first time in my life this gigantic ball we live on came to life, and it sounded eerie.’ The researchers couldn’t figure out what the noise may have been.

Fortune Pike Gold is a fully equipped mining facility, complete with a track for carts, but we won’t be going quite that deep. The audiovisual presentation is extremely outstanding, with high-quality animations and beautiful small details like screen shaking caused by in-game events contributing to the overall comical feel. There are four different possible Return to Player (RTP) percentages for Fortune Pike Gold, with the maximum being 96.02%. Bets each game round range from 20 pence to £/€25, and players may access the games on any device from a tablet to a desktop computer. To enhance your chances of winning both the Dynamite Rush bonus and the Lucky Dinky Random Wilds, activate the Boost feature and raise your wager by 50%.

A 5-reel, 3-row game matrix is used, and players have access to 20 paylines with a hit percentage of 22.73%. When identical symbols land on a bet line, which runs from left to right across three consecutive reels, the player is awarded the corresponding payout. If you get five of a type on an active payline, you’ll win 2.5 times your wager if you’ve landed on a gemstone, or between 5 and 12.5 times your wager if you’ve landed on a lamp, tool, map, gem bag, or gold cart. In addition, wild symbols appear on every reel. They can act as a replacement for other symbols or trigger rewards of up to 12.5 times the wager when five are present.

Slot Machine Features in Fortune Pike Gold

The Dynamite Rush bonus round is the crown jewel of Fortune Pike Gold, although free spins and Lucky Dinky multipliers are also available.

Happy Dinky Alternators

These two extras can happen during regular play or free spins at random;

As part of the Lucky Dinky Random Wilds feature, anything from three to ten additional wild symbols will be thrown onto the reels at random. Cave bats increase wild multipliers from 2x to 5x during free games.

Dynamite symbols might be added to the reels during the Lucky Dinky Cart Ride.

Bonus Turns

Free games are triggered by landing three scatter symbols anywhere on reels 1, 3, and 5. The only difference between regular and free spins is the addition of the Cave Bat feature described above. However, if two scatters appear on reels 1 and 5, you will receive two more free spins.

Explosive Growth

The Dynamite Rush bonus round is activated by landing six or more Dynamite symbols anywhere on the board during the main game or free spins. In this round, you’ll receive 5 bonus spins during which all Dynamite symbols present on the spin that triggered the bonus remain locked in place. When dynamite symbols collide, they create forms according to a table of predetermined configurations. At the end of each round, players are given points or other rewards depending on the shapes and values they accumulated.

Success at the Slots, Thanks to Lady Luck

It seems like every week or two, a new online slot mining shaft emerges, tunneling its way deep down for adventurous players to explore in pursuit of gold. Funny, they frequently have hold ‘n win like elements as well; examples are Gold Digger (or its offshoots) and Fire in the Hole xBomb. When compared to the rest of the market, Fortune Pike Gold holds its own. Foxium has set the stage effectively, introduced a likable protagonist who isn’t your usual prospector, and prepared a few features to go along with him.

When tested, features occasionally activated with apparent regularity regardless of whether or not the Boost button was engaged. At least the Lucky Dinky alterations stood out, what with the Lucky Dinky guy slamming in with a swing or a roll. While his output wasn’t always impressive, he was crucial in maintaining momentum, and on rare occasions, he even helped provide passable returns. Although the free spins feature is not drastically different from the main game, players should keep in mind that the Cave Bat wild multiplier may appear during this bonus round. Now we’re down to Dynamite Rush, a straightforward round in which you just try to land as many Dynamite symbols as possible (hopefully), with the extra difficulty of building shapes and then crossing your fingers that those forms yield the most prize they can from a predefined list of values. The maximum payout is 10,000 times the wager.

Fortune Pike Gold is a well-designed mining slot with interesting animations, a charming sidekick, smooth features, and fair earning possibilities. If you’re looking for a break from Dead Canary but still want to stay underground in pursuit of possible fame, Fortune Pike Gold could be the game for you.

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